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    Not /exactly/ K-Pop, but as KRP is opening up to a wider range of FCs, all of these FCs would make great additions to the community :) Boys range in birth year from 1973-2008, girls from 1957-2008.

    Many of these FCs don’t have a lot of gifs, but that’s not a problem- just type out an action where you would normally put a gif and you’re good ^^

    (note: I know I’m missing a bunch of white/Korean people- my computer ate the list before I got to them… I’ll fix it later)

    (under a cut so I can update later as I find more)

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    So I just found this website where you can make your own seamless patterns for your blog background or for whatever you want to use them for! It’s super handy and they have a lot of cool designs to work with wowow you should check it out!!

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    Theme #28 Ocean by Smullingar

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    ‘Body & Soul’  - THEME 03  by ducktaile;

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    { × } So, friends, roleplayers, —

     Yes, I know, I always have ideas for characters but this one I'm really excited for. I've recently started watching Breaking Bad (S2E3) and I wanted to make a Breaking Bad OC. I was thinking of using Taissa Farmiga as a faceclaim of a character that is (or was) one of Mr. White's students. image I'm gonna have her older brother be a drug dealer and have her stealdrugs from him and try and sell them on her own. She won't use them though—but she will smoke (the cigarettes heck yessie!!). NOW—what I really need is someone to play her older brother. Well, I don't actually need someone to but it would be more interesting, I think. Please reply to this or leave me a message (send it twice, I don't want the message to get eaten!) if you're interested in taking on that role.

    Also, I haven't strayed far from KPOP roleplay for a while so I'll need help adjusting to Western RP. Also, if you're a KPOP roleplayer that wants to delve into Western RP with me, please do. ;_;

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    Contains: 100 brushes.

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    Download here.

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    ——————————【 M I C H I S H I G E   S A Y U M I —————————————

    Born July 13, 1989 in UBE, YAMAGUCHI PREFECTURE, JAPAN.
    ↪Known for being in Japanese girl group MORNING MUSUME.
    ↪Has the second longest tenure of any other member in the group's history.
    ↪Also known for how aware she is of her own cuteness.
    ↪Could pass as ages 17-27.
    ↪Around 5'3".

    || Original gifs in post (c)

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     It was super hard to find useful gifs of her. I hope you find some you like! [x]image

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     I’m thinking of creating a character based off of Billy Bickle in the movie Seven Psychopaths but—and I’m not entirely sure, I’m still doing research—I don’t think Billy would kill just for the sake of killing. I need him to have a friend in which he could kill for. In the movie his friend Marty is a writer trying to finish his screenplay called Seven Psychopaths which deals with killers and blabla you get the idea. Billy kills people to inspire Marty’s writing so! I need a character that’s a writer that could potentially write a story about murders. He’ll need to be my character’s best friend! 

     Oh, and, the faceclaim I’ll be using is Kikwang of B2ST.

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